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Ekphrasis: Yellow Pumpkin – a poem

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Here is my response to Yayoi Kusama’s Yellow Pumpkin in Naoshima. You can see the work here:

Waves ripple, lap like a kitten’s tongue
On the shore; the haze of the lake stretches
To a lazy sky, transparent like the laced wings of a moth
Resting in the cool morning sun. A peace extends
Over the silent landscape.

I am anachronistic,
Sitting squatly on the jetty,
Whose warped wood yawns,
Indifferent to my weighty difference.
Dotty, crazy, eccentric:
Accusations slice like a jagged knife
Gouging my soft interior.

There is no place for me.
I am noisy in this quiet land.
I am bright in this muted morning.
I am heavy in this fresh light.

I shuffle to the edge of the earth
And fall into the depths of darkness.

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